The Circa Lash Way

The Circa Lash way
For best results look after your lashes and take extra care when applying. Follow our step by step guide for the Ultimate application.





-Start by curling your natural lashes.


-Remove the lash from the tray using tweezers on the band of the lash and gently peel away.


-Measure the lash against your eye to check the length of the lash, trim down if necessary always from the longer edge of the lashes.


-Hold the Eyelash strip with the lash applicator and apply a thin layer of glue along the band of the lash.


-Wait 30 seconds for the glue to go tacky


-Apply the lashes directly on top of your natural lashes and hold in place for a few seconds whilst the glue dries.

-Gently squeeze together your false lash strip with your own lashes to ensure there is no gap between the strip. 

-Using a mascara wand, dip the wand into your favourite mascara wipe off any excess and in an upward motion bind your lashes to the false lash.


And Voila!


Removal and Care


Using a cotton bud with a small amount of makeup remover loosen the lash glue and gently peel away.


Don’t wash or soak your lashes. You can gently peel any excess glue off the lash band using tweezers or your fingers.


Place your lashes back on the lash tray and in the box to help them keep their shape.