How can I wear my lashes over and over again?


We’re back!!

In this instalment of the blog I'm going to be talking to you about LASH CARE! Who doesnt want to be able too use your lashes over and over again?

Click this link to watch our Video on how its done!  

Or... if you prefer a fun little read here it goes.

What do I need?

  1. Gentle Makeup remover (we love miceller water) 
  2. Cotton pads
  3. Cotton buds
  4. Tweezers 

Where do I start?

We are going to start with the tweezers. Gently start to peel away any excess glue that is still stuck to the lash band. It will come off pretty easy and a litttle bit stringy!

Then what? 

So now the grotty glue is a goner! We just need to make sure the rest of the lash is fresh and clean.

Take a clean cotton pad and dampen with miceller water. Put your lash ontop and cover with another damp cotton pad.. You now want to gently squeeze the cotton pads together to loosen any mascara residue.

Now peel back the top cotton pad and dip your cotton bud into some more makeup remover and gently rub over any final bits of dirt. 


Now place the lashes somewere warm on top of a piece of kitchen paper and allow them to dry for a few hours before you reapply! 

Voi la! 

You're done!

YOU'RE welcome! Now your lashes will last you even longer!!

Hope you enjoyed this little tip guys let us know if there is anything else you want to know!

Lots of Love

Team Circa <3