Goof Proof Lash application... INTERNATIONAL LASH DAY



What a better day to start our Circa Blog?

We thought the best way to start our blog is with a Goof Proof Lash application chat!

So as makeup artists ourselves people always say to us "well you're a makeup artist so surely lashes are super easy for you". Which yes I guess thats kind of right, however we trained for this! Before we trained our lash technique didn't just fall to us with the MUA title. And yes we do still have days where we have to have a few goes to get it perfect!

Trust us when we say. YOU CAN ALL DO THIS!

Lets start with the basics,

-What will i need?

  1. your chosen false lash strip
  2. lash glue (we love duo)
  3. tweezers
  4. mini scissors 
  5. cotton buds
  6. a mirror 

- Where do i start?

Make sure you look at the lashes first to see which is for the left eye and which is for the right. The best way to tell is to look for the longest edge or shortest. The Longest edge is always for the outer corner of the eye. 

The very first thing you will need to do is MEASURE your lashes. Everyone needs to measure every lash against their eye and trim it down to the perfect width to fit your eye. Everyone's eye shape and size is different so unfortunately lashes are not a "one size fits all" product.

Once you have measured your lash trim the lash ALWAYS from the outside only. You don't want a super long inner corner that doesn't blend seamlessly with your eyes. 

- Then what?

Now you have your lash trimmed perfectly for your eye we're moving onto the GLUE (the scary part for most of you)

Squeeze out a smaller than pea sized amount of glue on the back of your hand or on the lash tray. 

Hold your lash with your tweezers so you have enough grip for it not to fall but not too much that you will damage the hairs. 

Grab your cotton bud and dip the bud into the glue, now in a smooth motion paint the glue directly along the lash band. (now waft your lash like a crazy person) We need the glue to go tacky before we apply it to the eye. We always say 30-60 seconds is a good time you don't want to leave it too long that it completely dries.

-On to the eye

YAY we've made it this far, no turning back now. 

We find the easiest way to now apply the lash onto your eye is to hold your mirror under your chin (yes all the way down there) This really helps you to be able to smooth out your eyelid and have room to go over your natural lashes. 

Once your in a good position, still holding the lash with the tweezer gently place your lash directly on top of your natural lashes. now put down the tweezers you don't want to do this part with those sharpe edges. 

Now your lash is balancing there nicely gently squeeze the lash with your natural lashes until they are perfectly aligned with your eye shape. Our Clear Band lashes are SO GOOD for this as they blend perfectly! 

Take extra care to make sure both the outer and inner corner of the lashes are completely stuck down and secure. 

-Am i done?

ALMOST!! you're so nearly there. 

Last but not least we're going to take a mascara. (we prefer mini mascara wands dipped into a tiny bit of product) Make sure there isn't too much mascara on the wand and gently paint the mascara onto the lashes at the very base of your natural lashes pushing them up into the false lash. 

We never paint mascara over the full false lash strip as this will ruin the natural fluffy texture we all adore!

-Am i done now?


YASSSSSSSS. Go you! you did it. was it really as scary as you first thought?



Just remember guys practice makes perfect! and its only a false lash you can do it again and again until you get it right! 

Keep your eyes peeled next Monday for the next blog post! 

We will be talking all about how to clean your lashes and preserve them to use again and again!


Thanks for reading. Let us know if you have any questions we love hearing from our circa's!

Lots of love

Team Circa <3

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